Playwright, Librettist, Writing Coach
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Michele coaches novelists, playwrights, screenwriters, television writers, non-fiction authors, clergy, political candidates, and business leaders on how to write more original and memorable stories. She helps them build their confidence and trust their instincts. Her essays on writing often appear in The Dramatist magazine. Michele has taught master classes at NYU and Carnegie Mellon, and she's on the faculty of the Dramatist Guild Institute and Einhorn School for the Performing Arts.


When speakers want to deliver a more compelling message, they come to Michele. She helps draft and edit speeches, white papers and sermons. If they're preparing a presentation, she'll meet with them on site and rehearse them from the unique vantage point of someone who's been in the theatre for decades. Leaders need to connect to audiences in meaningful ways. She untaps their potential and helps them achieve success. 


Your help on this play was truly remarkable. The wonder of it was not the many specific helpful suggestions. It was the warmth of your engagement with the characters and the fervency of your devotion to my progress as a playwright that so moved me. Thank you.

— Andrea Fleck Clardy, Jamaica Plain, MA "The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2018"

 Michele Lowe revolutionized my writing. From daily practice to execution and production, Michele’s guidance has been invaluable. She helps me stay entrenched in my work, challenging me to think critically about conflict and characters, and ensuring that I’m genuinely having fun as I hone my craft. Michele is reliable, gracious, and easy to learn from. I cannot recommend her highly enough for private coaching. Michele, you are remarkable…thank you for your support!

— allison lee flom, new york, NY, screenwriter and playwright

Hands down, Michele Lowe is one of the finest writers and writing teachers in the nation. She brings out the best in your writing by asking the hard questions and searching with you until you find the right answers.

—John Ryan Martine Jr., Playwright

Michele has provided invaluable help in my quest to turn my dry academic writing into more narrative-based pieces that will reach broader audiences. Her expertise in writing for the theater means that she sees opportunities to engage in more story-telling and points out places where I haven’t yet communicated what I thought I had. We’ve worked together on everything from talks to book proposals to a creative non-fiction essay that was published in The Kenyon Review. What’s more, Michele’s enthusiasm about my projects, as well as gentle prodding to set deadlines, has increased my productivity and made writing more enjoyable in general!

—  Dr. Erin Thompson, Assistant Professor of Art Crime, John Jay College

Working with Michele was like taking my play to drama therapy.  Michele has a brilliant balance of kindness and rigor.  She pushed me and challenged me.  But I always felt seen and heard.  Michele helped me excavate my play from heart and my mind and get it on the page.

— Heidi Armbruster, Playwright and Actress

Michele Lowe, one of the most creative and successful playwrights around, has been coaching a select group of rabbis to be more effective and imaginative in crafting and delivering their messages. Her warmth, ingenuity and brilliance will elevate every sermon and dvar Torah. Her goal is to make each of us more authentically who we are meant to be, and to stretch us to be even more able to inspire and animate those we serve. Michele is a gem, a committed reform Jew and someone I feel blessed to know well. Reach out to her today. What are you waiting for?

—Rabbi Richard J. Jacobs, President of the union for reform judaism

Michele is not only a gifted, humane, and funny author and playwright, she is also an outstanding writing and presentation coach. Michele has worked extensively with the members of our synagogue's clergy team on their sermon writing and public speaking/presentation skills, with results that have garnered the unsolicited praise of many in our congregation.

—Rabbi Jonathan Blake, senior rabbi, westchester reform temple 

Michele, it has been a miracle to work with you. After all my failures, I am finally starting to write and gaining confidence each day. I’m learning that I can be funny. I’m so proud of our progress. Thank you.

—Karen Meyerhoff, Playwright

Working with you was wonderful: you offered clear direction to improve my delivery, impactful edits to my writing, and a thoughtful challenge whenever I was too vague or when I deviated from my core message. I’m so proud of the work we did together, and the tools you gave me to enhance my homeletics for years to come.

—Rabbi David E. Levy, Scarsdale NY


Michele Lowe’s script feedback was so helpful. Her comments were insightful and clear, and she helped me to craft those important moments that weren’t landing. She also helped with focus and clarity with the characters. I was pretty stuck in revising a first draft, and I left with direction and a plan. I am forever grateful and will definitely seek out her writing coaching in the future.

—Morgan trent kinnally, playwright


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